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A few choice upgrades can make a computer run better than ever before. These upgrades are usually easy to do; those handy with a screwdriver and familiar with computers should be able to perform these upgrades on their own. Some retailers will install upgrades as well, sometimes at no cost. Otherwise, a computer savvy friend might be able to help out. Remember that it isn't just the internals of a system which can be upgraded; a new monitor,, keyboard and mouse,, or speakers might make more of a difference than anything else.

Upgrading Memory

For computers running slow, a memory upgrade is the easiest and most effective way to increase performance. Memory upgrades are also economical, making them one of the most popular upgrades. Since modern applications and games are heavily dependent on memory, increasing the amount of RAM makes a huge difference in system performance. Programs will load faster and run better, and more programs will be able to be run at once without slowdown. For computers a few years old, the RAM memory can usually be doubled without breaking the bank.

Make sure to get memory which is compatible with the system being upgraded. In general, replace memory with RAM of the same type and physical size; for instance, 240-pin DDR3 RAM with larger 240-pin DDR3 RAM. Desktops generally have two to four slots for RAM, while laptops often only have two.

Hard Drive Upgrades

With pictures getting larger, music turning digital, and an endless number of movies and games, it can be easy to run out of space on a computer. Luckily, hard drives keep getting larger and cheaper, making hard drive upgrades a popular choice. On desktops, hard drives can often simply be added as secondary drives, instantly adding more space. On laptops, however, new hard drives will often have to replace existing hard drives, making this a much more challenging upgrade for laptop owners.

Upgrading a Video Card

Video cards allow computers to manipulate graphical data, making them essential for gamers and people working with video. Blockbuster games are increasingly sophisticated graphically, and a dedicated graphics card will unlock their full potential. Since many desktops ship with built-in integrated graphics, even a budget graphics card will often offer large performance bonuses for gaming.

Operating System

One overlooked upgrade is the operating system. Newer operating systems offer more features, a more refined user interface, and will greatly change the appearance of an older system. Sometimes, upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX will do more than anything else to bring new features, and even increased performance, to a computer. However, be careful, as some older systems will not be able to run the newest operating systems well, or possibly at all.

Monitor and Sound System Upgrades

Since all the time spent at a computer is spent looking at the screen, sometimes the most important upgrade could be the monitor. For systems that still work fine, a newer, bigger monitor might be a better investment than whole new PC. Although a new monitor can be one of the pricier computer upgrades, a larger, higher resolution screen can make working more productive and gaming more fun, as well as offering more space for multitasking.

New computers, and especially laptops, often ship with speakers that are mediocre at best. For computers used to play games, watch movies, or listen to music, even inexpensive speakers can be a huge upgrade. Computer speakers come in numerous varieties, from simple left/right setups to eight-speaker surround sound, and can rival living room speakers for quality.

Buying Computers and Upgrades

While some computer parts and upgrades, especially monitors and speakers, can be bought at brick and mortar stores, the best selection is usually found online. Since only specific types of memory, hard drives, and graphics cards will work with a given computer, make sure to carefully research the options before buying.

New computers are easier to find. Most electronics stores, office stores, and big box stores carry new laptops and desktops, as do many stores online. Prices can vary a lot, even for similar systems, so it's best to do some research before committing.

Buying Computer Upgrades on eBay

A great place to find new and used computers and upgrades is on eBay. If you decide to buy new, eBay has a great selection of computers, from Apple laptops to desktop PCs.. For upgraders, the Computer Components category is a good place to find parts such as memory and graphics cards.. Other categories where you can find upgrades include Monitors,, Speakers,, and Hard Drives.. To find a specific item, just go to the main page,, enter the name of the item, and search. To learn more about eBay, visit Getting started on eBay..

eBay Buy it Now

The Buy it Now button is an easy way to use eBay like a traditional online store. Auctions with the "Buy it Now" option do not need to be bid on or waited for; simply click the button to purchase. To use this feature, first register on eBay.

Keeping Safe on eBay

eBay strives to make buying safe and easy. Make sure to pay attention to each seller's feedback scores, as these scores reflect the experiences of other buyers. Purchases are protected on eBay through the Buyer Protection Program.. This program helps buyers work with sellers to resolve conflicts, and allows eBay to step in to help buyers when needed.


Upgrading a computer can bring new life and performance to an older system. Computer upgrades are easy to perform, give immediate results, and are more economical than ever. Budget conscious consumers may find upgrading to be an easy and economical way to put off purchasing a new PC for months or years. New computers, however, offer reliability and performance, and even the most budget-friendly system should be able to handle most common tasks. For those wanting screaming performance from the latest games, or the power to seriously multitask, buying new might be the most practical option to replace a system more than about three years old. For most people, upgrading peripherals like monitors and speakers will only improve the computing experience so much.

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