How to Decide Whether to Buy a Laptop or Tablet

Source :  May 22, 2015  |  Published on eBay

Deciding which gadget to buy actually boils down to what the user wants to do with the gadget, and what he or she is most comfortable with. If he or she wants to do a lot of work on the computer, and be able to multitask at the same time, then the laptop would probably be the ideal choice. If entertainment and light Internet surfing is what the user is mostly interested in, then a tablet would more than suffice.

However, the user should also be comfortable with touch input if he or she is interested in investing in a tablet. It is possible though for the user to get accustomed to the touch screen input method over time if the tablet is the first device the user owns that is a touchscreen device. Do note though that for some tablets it is possible to buy an add-on keyboard for more ergonomic use.

Once the decision has been made, the user can proceed to buy the chosen device at computer stores anywhere, or online from platforms like eBay and individual business sites. It is also possible to buy a refurbished or second hand device if budget is an issue.

Buying a Laptop or Tablet on eBay

eBay is convenient because you can sit at home, browse through as many items as you like, buy something, and wait for it to arrive. And, if you purchase an item with Paypal, the purchase can be covered by the eBay Buyer Protection Program, so you get the peace of mind of knowing that your buyer rights are protected.

Laptops and tablets are sold in the Electronics category, and under the Computers, Tablets & Networking subcategory. If you want to fine tune your search even more, you can opt to type in a particular brand or model of laptop or tablet into the search box provided by eBay. After you look up the gadget of your choice by category or by search, then the items available for sale that fit your criteria will show up on the screen. To view an item and see more information on it, all you have to do is click on the listing.

If you are satisfied with a particular listing, you can purchase it using the various payment methods eBay offers. However, do note that sellers can choose the type of payment method they choose to receive. For some listings, you will have to bid for the item. Always check if the laptop or tablet you want to buy is a used one or a brand new one; you don't want to accidentally buy a used one when you didn't mean to. This information is given in the listing by the seller. Once the transaction has been finalized and the seller has received payment, he or she will send the item to you.


The table below sums up the key points of the advantages and disadvantages of laptops and tablets according to criteria.

All in all, it's up to the buyer to evaluate his or her needs and decide on whether a laptop or a tablet would be best. Both are equally good for different purposes.

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