Choosing A New Computer

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If upgrading seems impractical, buying a new computer might be the better option. A new system runs great out of the box, and will usually come with the latest operating system and features. When choosing a new system, a buyer needs to keep in mind his or her specific needs. Any new desktop or laptop will be able to do common tasks like surfing the web, playing music and videos, and looking at pictures. Users who plan on playing graphics intensive games, editing video, or doing heavy multitasking will want a higher end system, with a faster processor and dedicated graphics card.

Laptop, Desktop, or Tablet

The biggest decision when buying a new computer is whether to get a desktop or a laptop. Desktop computers are generally cheaper than laptops with similar specs, and are highly reliable. They generally come with large screens and a separate keyboard and mouse, giving users a more spacious computing experience. If you already have a screen and accessories, desktops are also available stand-alone.

Although generally more expensive than similar desktop computers, laptops are conveniently portable and can be used anywhere. Be aware that laptops vary more than desktops, coming in sizes from under ten inches to over seventeen. While desktop computers are largely similar, with higher end models offering faster performance, laptops will differ greatly in battery life, build quality, and features offered. A student or frequent traveller might want to choose a laptop based on size, weight, and battery life, while an at home user might prioritize screen size and performance.

Tablet computers like the iPad or Kindle Fire offer a slimmed down computing experience, utilizing a touch screen slate without the need for a keyboard or mouse. Great for surfing the web, reading books, and using apps, most tablets have on-screen touch keyboards can also be connected to external keyboards for extended writing. However, tablets are usually less powerful than laptops or desktops, and run less versatile mobile operating systems.

Mac or PC

Both Apple Macs and PCs running Microsoft Windows offer great computing experiences. All Apple desktops and laptops are made by Apple,, while a number of different manufacturers make PCs. Choosing Mac or PC determines which software you can run, although many popular programs such as Office and iTunes are made for both systems. Desktop and laptop PCs come in a larger variety than Macs, and almost all budget systems are PCs. Macs, while generally pricier than similar PCs, are known for their consistent build quality.

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